Fertilization Programs at Hillside Lawn & Landscape

Hillside Lawn & Landscaping recognizes the importance of proper fertilization for a healthy lawn. We offer several programs to fit the needs of clients in Fishers. Our fertilizer programs are designed to give your lawn what it needs throughout the year, and to ensure that it remains lush and green every season.

Our basic program contains three applications of slow-release fertiler. Additional pre- and/or post-emergent weed management treatments are also included. This package provides nutrients to your lawn and helps keep weeds down. You can also purchase an enhanced package, which includes six fertilization products and additional granular herbicide control treatments for greater weed control.

The premium package is for those who want a complete approach to lawn maintenance. It includes eight applications of fertilizer as well as liquid treatments to control weeds throughout the growing season. Each program is designed so your lawn looks great all summer.

Weed Control Strategies

Hillside Lawn & Landscaping recognizes the importance of keeping your lawn healthy and free from weeds. We offer several services that can be used to control weeds in Fishers Indiana lawns. Our weed control strategies include both pre-emergent or post-emergent herbicide management, application natural herbicides, and mechanical methods like hand-weeding.

Pre-emergent weevil control is applied before the plants emerge from the soil. It acts as an invisible barrier to your lawn that stops them from sprouting. The barrier also stops existing weeds developing deeper roots and spreading farther in your yard.

Post-emergent is used to control weeds that have already grown from the soil. It kills the problem plants by targeting them and not harming the surrounding grass or vegetation. Natural herbicides are made with plant extracts or naturally occurring mineral compounds and are safer for humans, pets, beneficial insects, and the environment than synthetic chemical pesticides.

Mowing and hand-weeding, as well as mowing, are effective methods for controlling weeds. Hand-weeding involves removing unwanted plants from their roots. While mowing reduces the risk of new weed growth, by cutting off seed heads that could be used to grow, mowing can prevent them from taking root. Regular mowing also helps to keep your turf lush so that invasive plants don't have as much space.

Hillside Lawn & Landscaping works with you to design a weed control plan that fits your budget. Our expertise in lawn maintenance and our commitment using safe products, ensure that your lawn will look its best year-round.

Mowing and Edging

Now that we have covered weed control strategies, let us move on to mowing or edging. Mowing your lawn is one of the most important parts of lawn care. This helps to keep it healthy and looking great. It can also help reduce the chances of weeds taking root in your lawn. Achieving success with mowing is all about cutting the grass at a suitable height and frequency. You should cut grass at two to three inches high for most types. Also, the weather conditions can affect how often you mow. During wetter months, it may be necessary to mow more frequently than during dry months.

The other essential part of lawn care is the edging. It helps create neat lines around flower beds, pathways and other areas. There are many options for edging tools. You can choose from either powered or manual string cutters. Make sure to use your tool safely and correctly. You should start from one corner and work your whole way around the entire area. Keep in mind that you must maintain a consistent depth. A string trimmer should not be used to cut too deep into soil. This can cause significant damage to the root system of your lawn.

These mowing/edging techniques are effective in keeping your lawn looking good and preventing weeds growth.

Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Hillside Lawn & Landscaping can provide outdoor lighting solutions for your Fishers home. Our professional team can help choose the best lighting fixtures for your home to enhance elegance and create a welcoming atmosphere. We can help you make your lawn shine with our landscape lighting design and install services.

Our knowledgeable staff can help choose from a range of high quality options such as spotlights. Floodlights. Accent lighting. Wall sconces. We will work together to achieve the perfect balance of light & shadow for your lawn. We also offer energy efficient LED lights that can save you money while still providing stunning illumination for your yard.

We know the importance of correctly installing outdoor lighting systems. We are committed to ensuring that your outdoor lighting system is correctly wired and installed safely. We have the best technicians in the industry, and they are familiar with all current safety regulations. This will ensure that your outdoor lighting system is safe for years to come.



Hillside Lawn & Landscaping is able to provide a wide range services for lawn care in Fishers Indiana. Hillside Lawn & Landscaping offers professional services that will enhance your outdoor space. They can provide everything from plant health care solutions to landscape design. You can be sure that your lawn is healthy and flourishing with their fertilization programs, weed management strategies, and mowing, trimming, and other services. Their outdoor lighting solutions will allow you to maximize the beauty and appeal of your outdoor spaces both day-and night. Hillside Lawn & Landscaping in Fishers Indiana is the best option for lawn care.

Hillside Lawn & Landscaping can be a great option for your lawn care in Fishers Indiana. They offer high-quality services tailored to the needs of each client. The team of professionals is highly skilled in providing excellent customer service. With their affordable prices and free estimates you can be sure that you will get great deals on the services you require. Hillside Lawn & Landscaping won't let you down when it comes to lawn care.

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Hillside Lawn & Landscaping recognizes the importance of proper fertilization for a healthy lawn. We offer several programs to fit the needs of clients in Fishers. Our fertilizer programs are designed to give your lawn what it needs throughout the year, and to ensure that it remains lush and green every season. Our basic program…